I think finding about this website was one of the biggest assets of my life. Well hopefully, I am highly into sports. Whether its basketball, baseball, football, and well even cricket or golf. I follow multiple folks on Twitter and always on top of the latest scoop within seconds. By enrolling in this class I was able to find this website where I can make my own website. My ideal goal would be to become a reporter for the Lakers.

I have a few conencts who are reporters and I’ve asked them for advice and all of them told me to start up a blog. Unfortunately, I was very illiterate in regards to how to start one up. Because of this art class, I was able to create my own website and even publish my blog. I’m hoping to write more blogs in the future and to gain some followers and publicity. Then I may get recognized by a higher end company say ESPN or CBS; Maybe even something local like the LA Times. And thus that could pave way for me to have a future.

Of course I’m not retarded and scared to take such a high risk without a backup plan. Thus, why I go to CSULB to get my degree in Business Econ. So if I do fail in creating my own website and not become the reporter that I dream or not make enough money, then I can fall back on Economics and make money. Sure it wouldn’t make me happy but I’ve realized there are other things that can make me happy. Such as traveling and being able to afford to buy things that I want, support my family, and have shelter over my head.

Since I created the website from scratch and wanted it to be attracted to people, I spent a lot of time in the lay out and designing the pages. Still needs more work but that will happen over time. I thought about waiting till after the end of the semester so that I could just use this website and not have to pay twice. However, time was of the essence as I had a really good article in my head that I wanted to write. So I just went for it.


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