I enjoyed most of the activities that we did as it was something different then what I generally do. The best part was that I was able to get credit for it! Of course week 1 was cool when I found out about the website. This week’s post should tell you more in detail about that. My favorite 3 activities had to be spray painting, instagram, and the snapchat. Instagram was cool cause I was able to relate my day with everyone and see how alike or different we are.

Snapchat was a little bit more different. I had to go out of my way to send snaps to people to show them the things that I want. But the affect wasn’t for the week but what happened since then. I was able to see how many people continued using it or even kept me as a friend. I guess some people were more closed off and some people continued being friendly. Or maybe some just thought I was boring and some found me or my life interesting/funny to continue seeing snaps. I didn’t delete anyone but I’m sure a few deleted me. Their loss haha

The spray painting activity was really cool and probably my favorite. I never used spraypaint in my life before and I felt like a gangsta using it haha. It was a trial and error activity which took me multiple tries to get it somewhat right but overall I really enjoyed the experience and so did my sister who helped me and even did her name!

The activities I disliked were just 2. The ones were we had to use the online program to design our chairs and neighborhood. I was very bad with my drawings and they looked ugly. I was never a good drawer and I always hated to look at my creation. But other than those 2 activities, I really enjoyed the class and doing the “work” which didn’t even feel like work but more like fun.