Andy Warhol- Glamour in Arts

Andy Warhol was a legendary artist who was also significant in the “pop art” movement, a genre of art iconic today. Andy was a highly business minded individual who mixed arts with advertising and the growing celebrity culture of mid nineties. Because of the way he was able to create art which paid really well and was received well by masses, art critics labelled his art as superficial with no real passion for the work. Regardless, Warhol thrived through his art, using different media to reach out including photography, film, and music.


Andy did not merely create art as a profession; his life itself changed the way people viewed homosexuality. Where homosexuality was still a taboo in the time, Andy made no effort regarding his orientation. In fact, his studio, The Factory, was famous as a gathering of intellectuals, drag queens, and Bohemian street people.

Although Elvis Presley ruled the world in 1950s, his career had started to decline by 1963, the year when Andy Warhol created Double Presley. The art was created by silk screening multiple images on top of each other which captured Elvis in his signature hip-shaking moves. Double Elvis was a part of a long canvas of Elvis, which Andy later broke down into multiple paintings. 9 of which are recently held in museums. These canvases resemble a film strip where Elvis seems to be moving back and forth.


Andy Warhol was a man of adverts and media. One of his most cherished works is Campbell’s Soup Company where he mimics the monotony and repetition of mass production and industry. Although it seem like print, the painting is done by hand and the artist has taken care to produce exact replicas of an image. The front of the image however, has a slight variation. They are all of different flavour, 32 to be exact.


Self Portrait done by Andy Warhol in 1966 is one of his highest priced works. Andy got into portraits into the latter part of his career, where he would reproduce images of highly famous and celebrated people like: Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, etc. His portrait of himself was created in a style that became his signature later in a variety of contrasting and sometimes shaded pictures. This style was also one of the biggest sources of his fame. The “pope of Pop’s” portrait, through this style became as famous and well recognised as ones of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.


I think Andy Warhol was not only a great artist, he was also successful, few artists witness their own fame and such well reception in their own lives. His art was glamorous, as well as real. Despite his critics view that what he created was superficial, i think Andy had a way of bringing the core out of things. We also see him evolve throughout his career as he never stayed on the same medium or theme for long, and always had something bigger and better hid up his sleeve. The satire and crude humour in his works is one of the many things that led to his greatness.