My thought of death freaks me out. Not just of me dying but of anyone that is close to me. It scares me how I’d never be able to interact with them again or get the warmth feeling of love or kindness from them. Thankfully I have not had to endure losing someone close to me thus far but I am very scared to go through such an experience. I don’t know what I would do and I am not ready to find out.

I wasn’t a fan of doing this type of activity. I was taught growing up that you shouldn’t play around with death. You shouldn’t use it as excuse to get out of work or school. For example, saying oh my cousin passed away so I can’t come into work even though nothing happened.

One of my biggest downsides is that I smoke hookah and I smoke a lot of it. I’m not proud of it but it seems to be an appropriate means to socialize and still be within my senses. The other option would be alcohol in which I’d lose my liver and lose my sense and have much more severe consequences. I smoke way too much hookah and I hope that someday I will be able to let go forever. I smoke it before I eat, after I eat, while with friends, while watching tv, while studying, and even at the beach! Thus these pictures demonstrate perfectly exactly how death would come to me. (And I shudder with fear as I write this.)

I initially was going to dress up nicely and take the picture but then I realized, I’m not a fan of dressing up. I would much prefer to be looking like a bumb and enjoying myself. That’s exactly how I would envision my passing along with how I’d like to be buried. Even on dates, after the first few, i stop trying to dress up and go out in more comfortable clothes.

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