This activity was very intriguing to me. It gave me the freedom for me not to be myself and do things that I wouldn’t generally do. Thus far this has been my favorite activity. It came around the perfect time as I happened to be traveling.

Earlier in the week before my trip, I went to dinner at Red Lobster. I told the waitress that it was my birthday, even though it was not. After we had finished eating, the waitress and her co-workers came with a small brownie and ice cream and wished me a happy birthday. I’ve never done a “fake” birthday celebration in my life and the thought had always ceased my mind to do so for some free food. Sure it can be classified as stealing but I would disagree.

Next on my trip to NY, I snuck into first class and sat there as long as I could. Eventually, one of the flight attendants realized and asked me back to my seat. It was a little embarasing but was totally worth it. I used to do that a lot as a kid but of course much shame wasn’t there at that time.

The whole reason why I went to NY was to surprise my grandparents. I always wanted t do that growing up as they don’t live here in the states. And since they were traveling to NY, my favorite city in the whole world I might add, it felt like it was the perfect opportune time to do so. We got into NY fairly late and rather then waking them up at 2 am we decided to get the room next to them. We surprised them in the morning and the look/expressions on their faces were priceless.

Then ironically my grandfather was craving Red Lobster so we ended up there again. Instead of telling the waitress is was my birthday, I brought my selfie stick and started taking multiple selfies with the family as others kept looking on.

Lastly, on my flight back I got stuck in Chicago due to a thunderstorm. It was a very scary but very cool experience. I was on the plane and it started shaking left to right. The airplane even lost its electricity. Outside I could see it pouring hard and lightning going off every 6-7 seconds consistently for hours. We then got deplaned and I was in search for a place to stay the night. Initially the airlines wasn’t paying for my hotel and I just through a tantrum then they offered a discount. ANd I still didn’t agree and threatened to sue them and take it to levels beyond corporate. After a long while they agreed to give me a suit in the Hilton hotel that was inside the airport.

Of course some of the things that I did were uncapturable but I’ve added some pictures from my trip for your viewing.


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