This week’s activity was really interesting! My girl was too busy this week so I wasn’t able to do the activity with her unfortunately. Instead I teamed up with my sister and we did our little doodle. My sister is 12 but is very creative and into art. More than I am, she’s been assisting me on a lot of my activities thus far. She’s jealous that I get to do this for school and get credit for it!

We both sat down and I put a paper in front of us on a hard piece of cardboard. I put my hand then her hand and then my hand then her hand. We closed our eyes and just let the pencil do its work. We started to laugh initially and she kept stating that it felt so weird with our eyes closed. What we consistently noticed was that we kept going in a circle in a counter clock wise direction. We’d move up or down on the paper but for the most part we’d continue going in a circle.

We didn’t discuss our feedback till the end so after a few minutes when the lead of the pencil snapped, we decided to switch the coordination of our hands. She put her first then I put mine then hers and then mine. My thought process was just to see a difference in the outcome but for the most part it ended up being the same. Continuous circle that we kept going on and on with.

Finally, after a few minutes the lead broke again and we stopped. Looking at it, it just seemed like a big blob that looked similar to hairball. It also reminded me of how our universe could e perceived with all the darkness with some light in the middle. It also reminds me of how an atom or energy form that we perceive to look like.


20150723_213552 20150723_213557