I’m sure you know by now that I love to travel. One of the main reasons is that I love to look at historical monuments as well as historical facts. During my EuroTrip I went to many museums to learn about each individual country. I plan on going to Europe again later this year to other countries so that I can expand my knowledge. Thus, this weeks event turned out to be a pretty cool activity for me. I was able to bolster my knowledge yet get credited for it as well.

20150719_171117 we can do it

I visited the museum in Long Beach on Latin American Art. Nothing really sparked my interest much there except for this picture. It reminded me of a similar poster that I’ve seen numerous times growing up. Instantly as I saw it, I realized the importance of the Latin American community here in California. Aside from the constant option for Spanish translation here, they’re history and culture has slowly started to influence the Californian culture significantly. Growing up I always saw this poster as a significant deal to the American history as it showed the women’s movement in the working place as majority of the men were off to fight the war.


I also liked this peace of art as well as it pertains to animals and looks like a cave drawing. These always fascinates me as I have a real big soft spot for animals so anytime I see these it really gets me excited and I can get lost for a long time in an art peace like this.

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