I use snapchat frequently, mainly to look at what other  people posted. I post stories a couple of times throughout the week but only if I’m doing something fun or eating something good or if one of my freinds is being silly. I rarely post a picture of myself or take those selfies. Of course if I’m all dressed up for a wedding or something then I might post a picture but it’s rarely. If I’m at home and not doing anything then I’m not going to just post a picture of my room, even though I know a lot of people do.

I think for next semester’s activity I would recommend doing something similar. Where you have the class add everyone to their snapchat and ask them to post about their daily lives throughout the week. This will be similar to our instagram activity but should flow more easily as I feel snapchat is very easy to use versus instagram. Then just like the instagram activity have them write about what they say and how their lives are different or similar to others.

Another thing you can do is add the same stipulation for them. Have them add another paragraph at the bottom and letting you know how they can improve this activity or another method/activity that would work better.