My neighborhood is a pretty nice area to live in. It’s basically a cul de sac which is has a a section of grass in the middle. Around it there are  houses all around and across the street we have an elementary school – which of course was very convenient for me when I was younger. I love my area dearly and there isn’t much I would change about it. But hypothetically, if I had the power there would be some minor changes I’d like to do.

Neighborhood 1

First, I would take out the grass section in the middle. We have parking problems as there just isn’t enough space. I would use that section to make more parking spots available. But since we are removing the grass section, I figure we should add tress next to some of the houses to keep it lively. In addition to, we can add a small pond towards the back end of the cul de sac. By adding the pond it will bring some wild life and make the neighborhood look nicer.

Neighborhood 2

Of course with all things there is a negative downside as well. By adding the pond, it could attract some wild life that is not wanted – well by others. I really would love it as I’m a big animal person. But the pond would also cause more flies to be in the area and if not maintained properly, it could be a big liability. Removing the grass area from the middle would also take away the space kids use to play. Growing up we’d play baseball, cricket, kickball, and many other fun sports in that area.

If nothing were to be done though, I would still be completely fine with my neighborhood. Thankfully, I’m lucky to have such a safe and secure environment. And to me that’s all that matters.