I’ve always wanted to use spray paint and make something cool. Thanks to our activity this week, I finally got that opportunity to use spray paint. The objective of this week was to produce my name via spray paint onto a canvas, or a board, or a wall.

I started this process by first figuring out a way to write out my name. I tried to do that free handedly like the pros but that was a complete disastrous fail haha. I realized I would have to make stencils and use those to make my name. That honestly seemed like the hardest part initially. Until I started using the spray paint and first sprayed too close to the board then I sprayed too far away from it. Took me several of practice tries to finally get that right.

The next problem I came across was that my stencil paper was too week and that the paint kept bleeding through to the other side making it look like a blob. I found some thicker paper and had to recreate my stencils. Getting that bubble shape to come out was almost impossible and when I tried to blend the 2 colors together, it looked like the bottom color was always dominant. Maybe it was because of the colors I chose (black and blue).

Overall it was a pretty fun process and I was kind of sad that it was over. I wanted to do more but ran out of cardboard. I thought about doing it on the side wall of my house but that wouldn’t have sat well with my mom. Haha.

sprayspray 1 spray 2 spray 3