Creating a virtual chair was an interesting process. Initially I was pretty lost when I was trying to work with Sketchup. However, after some guidance from my peers and playing along with the tools then I started to get the hang of it. My cousin is becoming an architect and I asked her if she was familiar with the software, which she was, which helped me better understand some of the tools and shortcuts which made my life easier.

The actual process of creating the chair once the tools were figured out was pretty easy. Used a few shapes along with the pencil option to connect lines and make the design. I used the paint option to fill in the chair with a light wood option which resembled close to the color of my chair.



I chose a fairly simple chair because I didn’t want to make it too complicated and not get stuck on the process and get discouraged. My objective was to learn this software and be able to have some success with it. I think this software is pretty cool and I can see myself using this in the future. Now, if only I can get someone to supply me a 3-D printer. Haha.

Overall, I can sit here all day and criticize the look of my chair as that is my nature of being a perfectionist. However, I had to go past that in order to get to the objective I was looking for which was to have success with the program. I feel like with some more practice and working with the software in the future, I’ll be able to master the program and be able to create some perfect figures.

20150618_100319 20150618_100151