On a random Thursday I was able to post some pictures of my activities through out the day. I first started the day off at work on a 7 hour shift that began at 7 AM. Luckily it wasn’t very busy so I was just able to chill at work. I put my feet up and took a nap and got paid! That is one of the best feelings to have that type of job.


Then after I work, I did my trip to the gym and worked out. I’ve started going consistently for a few months now and have started to see some results. I’ve worked hard and have been dedicated not only with the gym but also with proper supplements and dieting. Cut out a lot of junk food and carbs.



Then I proceeded to go home and eat some grilled chicken and watch one of my favorite TV sitcoms, Friends. Then I wrapped up the day with some delicious Korean BBQ – which I consider is healthy since I only eat the meat which is all protein and don’t touch any of the rice or any other carbs.

Comparing my day with others, I was able to see some delicious posts of shabu shabu it seems. It looked like some people prefer some good food as much as I do. I also, did see that a lot of people were catching the NBA Finals in action. WHich is something I would normally catch but it was conflicting with my KBBQ schedule and of course good food is likely to win out most of the time. Haha.

shabu shabunba finals

I did see some folks have pets and I myself have a cat that I leave at my parent’s house. I adore my cat and would do almost anything for it. In general I have a strong fondness towards animals – except for birds as you’ve read any of my other blogs you should already know.