I went to the beach this week to make sculpture of my body part. All week I was planning on making a sculpture of my foot but I ended up deciding on my hand last minute. After reading the instructions, I was really confused. I didn’t expect it to be so simple and for my hand to come out. But at the same time I was very amazed.


The process itself was pretty interesting. First I kept putting my hand horizontally but my imprints wouldn’t stay when I pulled out my hand. But then I put my hand in vertically and it worked. Then I quickly mixed the plaster and put it in the whole. The hard part was waiting, especially because the waves were getting closer and closer. I almost got scared as in one scenario the wave stopped maybe 6 inches from the whole.

Finally, the wait was over. I gave myself an extra 5 mind rather than the 25 just to be on the safe side. Of course, I forgot my shovel at home. So I started digging with hands and the stirring stick. I made a a buig circle around my initial hole and started digging hands deep all around. Then I slow got closer and closer before all that was left was a square like shaped about hands deep. Then, I pulled the whole square shape out and started to shape out my hand. Some of the plaster was starting to break off so I had to be careful. I was able to create something that looked like a hand but the middle, ring, and pinky fingers didn’t come out well. I kept trying to dust more of the sand off but it was pretty firm. So I stopped because I didn’t want to risk it breaking.

This was a cool experience. I enjoyed it because it gave me a reason to go out to the beach. Hopefully even a get a tan, though I usually get burned. But I also enjoyed learning the process behind it and realizing how it’s possible to make a sculpture out of anything with minimal materials.