Ana Mendieta is by far the most interesting artist I’ve come across in my life. Usually art is portrayed to bring out color, brightness, or happiness. Art should be made off emotions and I tend to think as most art as being happy emotions. Of course not everything is good and dandy, some people have dark moments or somber times. Which they either paint about, make sculptures, or other various activities to depict their emotions. However, Ana’s work is darker and more strange than anything that I’ve ever seen. It’s very creepy to me to the point where it freaks me out. I believe if a normal person on the street was doing what she was, they’d be locked up in a mental institute. Some of her work reminds me of Leonardo’s Shutter Island movie. *spoiler alert* Where he thinks one thing is going on but in reality something else.

Initially I thought it was absurd and I decided to share some of her work with my co-worker. He is part of our art department so he’s very interested in different types of artist so I figured I’d show em and see his reaction. To my astonishment, he didn’t have much of a reaction and looked at me as if I’m the crazy one. He told me that he’s come across a lot worst than what Ana has done. Which I found heard to believe and even more difficult to imagine.


This chicken that is portrayed is the one piece of art that stood out to me the most. For some reason, I am very scared of birds that are unable to fly. It’s just weird and abnormal to me. Such as, peacocks, chickens, ostriches, penguins, and especially roosters. Maybe it’s because an ostrich bit me once and another chased me through the wildlife park in Australia. Yes real story and they happened on 2 separate occasions by 2 different ostriches. My cousin owns chickens and one time he got a fighting rooster which chased me around. So I guess that’s my little back ground on birds that don’t fly. I guess you can call me a chicken haha. Thus why this picture terrorizes me as I would never get close to a chicken, let alone grab it and then step all over the blood. It’s just very cruel and that’s coming from someone who despises chickens.