allan kaprow

Allan Kaprow was a very unique artist. His work was not only admirable but it was something that could physically be done. He did activities which I think is very cool and very unorthodox. When we think of art, or at least how the general public does, its normally of sculptures or paintings or etc. No one would think a physical activity could be art. Not only was he different, he was very good at it.

The best part about Kaprow is that he’s very modest. He got to the top and was doing something he loved yet he let it all go. Wasn’t fond of the attention and didn’t want all the fame and glory. You have to respect that and admire it. Most would not give that up even if it was something they were doing that they disliked let alone something they had a strong passion for. You can see in the picture above where Kaprow is at work, you can see the joy on his face but also see the hardwork and dedication that he put forth in his work.



The above is one of Kaprow’s famous works. It’s called the “Changing of the Tires”. In this picture you can see the woman going from one tire to the next in her heels and seems to be having a good time. That was the beauty of Kaprow’s work. He not only did something that he has a strong passion for but also something that others can find happiness and enjoyment. There were no strict rules on how the activity could be done. You can sit on the tires or jump around in heels or barefoot or even hop one footed if you’d like. Just like art is suppose to be, he let people do whatever they want. They let them be creative for themselves with his own creativity. In essence it was as if he was promoting art to others and making everyone else into an artist.

I love the fact that all of his happenings were appreciated based off your senses. By experimenting on the happenings, you got to feel the excitement or hear the roar of your inner self or see what your mind can create. Your body reacts from its movements and in some cases even your smell can get enhanced with these happenings. Like Kaprow said in his essay, “The line between the Happening and daily life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible.” It’s almost like life and happening were interchangeable or at least that’s how the happening’s made you felt.