Hi everyone!

My name is Zeeshan Dadabhoy but you can call me Zee for simplicity. I just graduated this past week in business economics. I am no artist, I am just taking this class as an elective. Unfortunately, I have to come back for one more semester to earn my degree. Hopefully this class is fun and it helps me expand my creativity and imagination. I”m normally the guy that tries to draw something and when I finish drawing it, it ends up looking nothing like what I’m trying to draw. Haha.

A little about myself. I love sports and my life revolves around them. I haven’t missed a Lakers game since 2006. Other than basketball, I love baseball and football as well. I am shy but I love making jokes. I believe humor should be incorporated in everyone’s lives. It helps you enjoy life and gets you through the tough times.

I also love movie references and I adore that get my references.